Elephant man - girls anthem

After a while, they learn that Mrs. Jumbo is in solitary confinement and discuss it; with the Matriarch and Catty blaming Dumbo for it. When they see Dumbo coming, the Matriarch instructs them to form a tight circle to block him out and "to pretend they don't see him". Timothy Mouse , having seen everything, marches into the circle and frightens them, causing them to scramble in fear of him. He gives them a stern lecture about picking on "little guys" and calling them "overstuffed hay bags" before scaring them again while leaving.

During the original Broadway run, the role was played by David Bowie and Mark Hamill, among others. Bradley Cooper starred in the play’s 2015 revival , also at the Booth Theatre, where it broke box office records and was reprised in London .

Elephant Man - Girls AnthemElephant Man - Girls AnthemElephant Man - Girls AnthemElephant Man - Girls Anthem