Beware of pickpockets - nimbus

My husband paid the bill and put his wallet back into his shorts pocket. Then went to the toilet and sat back down to finish our drinks. We were relaxed and saying what a lovely place it was and that we would like to rent a place there for a week sometime. We left and walked round the corner. My husband quickly realised that his wallet was not there and ran back to the restaurant. He looked high and low and even the people who were sitting in our seats, helped as well as the restaurant staff. It was not there and the realisation that he had been 'dipped' eventually sunk in. You cannot believe that it has happened to you, and it is frightening how easy it is done. We can only guess that it was the respectable couple who sat directly behind us as the seats were open sided and easy to slip a hand through. Although we cannot prove this and it is just conjecture.

Beware Of Pickpockets - NimbusBeware Of Pickpockets - NimbusBeware Of Pickpockets - NimbusBeware Of Pickpockets - Nimbus